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Product feature blog: SWMS Module

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Matt Perrott
Co-Founder - BuildPass
May 11, 2022 - 22:33 PMMax 6min read
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We’ve created a centralised SWMS Module and eliminated any need for paper, emails or spreadsheet trackers. Through digitisation, we’re working towards simpler, safer sites and we reckon this feature is a huge step in that direction.

The SWMS Module is part of our core offering and one of our favourite features of the BuildPass platform.

Why did we build it?

We believe the construction industry deserves modern software to help it function to its fullest potential. We don’t want the industry to rely on pens and paper any more - we’re on a mission to provide user-friendly, tech savvy solutions through the BuildPass platform.

We see a future free of paper-based work sites, and while our SWMS Module is a definitive step in that direction, there’s more to this feature than that.

At BuildPass, we’re always considering how things are run and how we can support you in the operation of your sites - you can read some of our other thoughts on that here.

We built the SWMS Module because we believe that the current SWMS process isn’t reflective of the ever changing nature of the day-to-day industry practices.

We built this SWMS Module to firstly, make it simple to reflect the inevitable changes in SWMS documents and secondly, to make it easy to let the right people know about the changes - further engaging subcontractors in the SWMS process, and to continue to keep safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind onsite.

What does it do?

Simple SWMS submission

On the BuildPass platform, SWMS can be requested by builders at any time in the lead up to a project, not just on the day that workers are required on site.

The construction industry is fast-paced and often, SWMS are only seen by the builder the day the works are scheduled to commence.

We know that SWMS are complex documents that need to reflect specific site conditions for each project. With more time to consider the SWMS, builders can ensure their contents reflect both the complexity of the sites they represent and all of the mitigation strategies outlined to reduce the potential onsite hazards.

We’re all about the user experience in our products - we built this feature for both builders and subcontractors - the submission process is easy. Subbies simply drag and drop their documents into the platform for builders to review. There’s no email attachments and documents are automatically filed.

Easy review process

As a builder, once you have reviewed the SWMS you can note what updates are required within the platform. Gone are lengthy back and forward email trails and the paper folders that rarely survive the life of a project. Everything is filed online and in the rare instances where an audit trail is required, this simplified process makes compiling and submitting documents simple and easy.

The BuildPass platform is a central place to understand the status of SWMS reviews; a check can be done at any time by anyone. If there’s a backlog of SWMS reviews, as an Admin User such as a site manager you can easily see what is required for each SWMS and access them all in one place.


The BuildPass platform allows for SWMS to be reviewed and signed from any device - including your smartphone. Once the SWMS have been reviewed by the builder, the document is automatically visible to the relevant workers who can review and sign on to the SWMS.

The SWMS can be simultaneously reviewed and signed by multiple people - this saves time without sacrificing safety.

If a new risk is identified and a new mitigation strategy put in place, as a subcontractor you can easily update the SWMS to reflect this change and re-circulate it. Once you’ve done that, the BuildPass platform will send a notification to the people who need to take action on the change.

Save the trees! (But also, your sanity.)

Our main goal for digitising sites is to optimise the way things are run. But, happily, by reducing the amount of paper used on sites, we’re also reducing a small part of the environmental impact of the construction industry.

Digitising SWMS reduces the amount of paper used, but also reduces the paper records kept on site. This decreases clutter and alleviates any risk of losing important documents. It saves you time filing and while it is rare that there is the need for SWMS to be referred back to once a project is finalised when an audit trail is necessary, well-filed records are extremely important and with the digitised SWMS process, BuildPass has automatically done this for you.

Feature in the wild

Dome Building Projects complete overcome complicated engineering challenges in their complex residential builds.

Many of their contractors perform high risk work, so they use the BuildPass SWMS module to collect and review SWMS from their contractors.

The whole process is streamlined, and it makes sure that everyone is on the same page about the high risk work that is being undertaken.

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