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Need a safety system without breaking the bank? Consider purchasing an industry-leading ISO-compliant safety system for a one-off cost.

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Matt Perrott
Co-Founder - BuildPass
May 30, 2024 - 22:29 PMMax 4min read

Are you a commercial builder looking to achieve ISO compliance with ease? BuildPass has partnered with Elliott Safety, a leading provider of risk mitigation and safety services, to bring you an ISO-compliant version of BuildPass right out of the box.

This collaboration means that BuildPass customers can now access a range of industry-leading templates, pre-configured into BuildPass, making it easier than ever to achieve ISO accreditation.

The System covers:

  • ISO45001 (Safety)
  • ISO14001 (Environmental)
  • ISO9001 (Quality)

The System Packages

We offer four packages tailored to meet your specific needs:

  1. Lite System - $1,800 + GST
  2. Standard System - $2,950 + GST
  3. Pro System (ISO 45001 Compliant) - $4,950 + GST
  4. Platinum System (Triple ISO Compliant) - $7,950 + GST

These are one-off costs, providing significant savings compared to purchasing directly from Elliott Safety. Each package is designed to complement the respective BuildPass plan you choose. For example, with a BuildPass Lite plan, you can only purchase the Lite System. The Standard plan allows you to choose between the Lite and Standard Systems, and the Pro plan offers access to all four.

What’s Included

Each package comes with a range of templates to help streamline your operations, but only the Pro and Platinum Systems will equip you with everything needed to become ISO-compliant. The Platinum System covers all three ISO standards supporting you to become "triple certified".

Ongoing Support

For those seeking additional support, Elliott Safety offers an optional Support Package for $1,200 per year. This includes training, updates via a newsletter, and access to email and phone support. Even without the Support Package, the System provides initial support post-purchase:

  • Standard System: First 3 months free
  • Pro and Platinum Systems: First 12 months free

Implementation Made Easy

The System will be integrated into your BuildPass account for you, with templates and necessary documents seamlessly added to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the System applicable to residential builders? Yes, it is suitable for both residential and commercial builders.

Is the System suitable for civil contractors and subcontractors? Yes, it is applicable to both. However, we can help determine which package best suits subcontractors.

What is the difference between ISO-compliant and ISO-accredited? ISO-compliant means having a system that meets ISO regulations. ISO-accredited means your system has passed an official audit, confirming compliance with ISO regulations.

Does this make a builder automatically ISO-accredited? No, an audit with an ISO accreditation organization is still required. Elliott Safety can provide guidance throughout this process.

What is the cost of ISO accreditation? Typically between $10,000 and $20,000. It is advisable to obtain multiple quotes.

Is the System compliant Australia-wide and in New Zealand? Yes, the System is compliant across Australia, with a specific ISO-compliant version available for New Zealand.

Will the System be updated with changes in legislation? Yes, new clients will receive the updated versions. Existing clients can be notified of updates via the Support Package and make changes themselves.

Partner with BuildPass and Elliott Safety to streamline your path to ISO compliance. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business in achieving industry standards.

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