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Enhance Site Safety While Saving Time & Money with BuildPass

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Matt Perrott
Co-Founder - BuildPass
Feb 01, 2024 - 12:00 PMMax 5min read
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Safety and compliance standards in the Australian construction sector have come a long, long way over the years.

It was not too long ago when burly riggers built the Sydney Harbour Bridge without harnesses, or construction giants relied solely on tedious paper-based documentation to account for critical project information.

Now, thanks to integrated digital tools like BuildPass, busy builders can manage important site safety, administration and compliance tasks across different projects more efficiently – and from virtually anywhere.

Generally speaking, us Aussies do not tend to be ‘first movers’ when it comes to trying a new product, service or even a hairstyle. We would rather wait for someone else to try it and ‘see how it went’ before making a decision.

So, for those who are still on the fence about investing in technologies that improve safety and compliance standards, here is a quick read about how you can enhance them with BuildPass – just like our growing list of 200 customers have as well!

The Role of Digital in Creating a Safer & More Efficient Industry

Since the turn of the 2000s, the construction industry has gradually undergone a seismic shift away from traditional paper-based documentation, turning to digital solutions which have underpinned risk minimisation goals and resulted in tremendous productivity gains.

Insights by the McKinsey Global Institute support this, revealing that digital transformation in the construction sector can result in productivity gains of up to 15 per cent.

In the current market, cloud-based applications like ours are now bordering on indispensable, as government, private industry and peak industry bodies across the construction sector increase efforts to minimise workplace injuries and deaths throughout Australia.

Unlike traditional paper-based methods, adopting digital tools creates opportunities to manage more tasks, more efficiently. They also provide real-time project monitoring, data analytics and streamlined processes, allowing construction professionals to identify and address potentially dangerous safety issues promptly.

Safety and Compliance Solutions Available Through BuildPass

Since launching in 2021, our growing range of safety and compliance enhancing features have been used by 40,000 on-the-ground workers and construction professionals nationally.

Our mission is to create safer working environments for everyone in the industry, and some of the key digital features of the BuildPass platform enabling this include our tools for:

  • Site Inductions this provides a seamless site induction process, ensuring that all workers are familiar with the project safety protocols and potential hazards before starting work.
  • SWMS Building a digitised Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) generator developed to simplify this crucial component of construction safety.
  • Ticket Wallet the Ticket Wallet feature allows workers to store and access their certifications digitally, while providing project managers peace-of-mind knowing that all workers on-site have the necessary qualifications.
  • Checklists an important operational feature enabling the creation and management of digital checklists for various safety procedures and building tasks.

Solving Barriers to Entry for Construction Safety Technology

The broader acceptance and adoption of intuitive safety tools like BuildPass has the potential to raise compliance standards across the entire construction sector.

However, new Deloitte data from its latest ‘State of Digital Adoption in Construction Report’ shows two main barriers for uptake.

The first barrier is the belief among staff that they have a lack of digital skills, as reported by 44 percent of respondents, while the second barrier is staff uncertainty about the required skills, as highlighted by 41 percent of respondents.

These preventors are easily solved with our user-friendly design, which provides an easy-to-use interface suited to all technological capabilities, while being optimised for mobile devices – meaning even the least digitally-savvy builders can pick it up quickly while on the go!

If you are a construction professional looking to enhance safety and compliance on your job site, please connect with us to make an inquiry or book a demo.

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