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Harnessing BuildPass Data for Informed Project Decision-Making

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Matt Perrott
Co-Founder - BuildPass
Sep 27, 2023 - 05:14 AMMax 4min read
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Now, more than ever, tradespeople and construction professionals need all-in-one digital tools like BuildPass to consolidate their health and safety, quality assurance and site management tasks.

Our mobile-friendly platform is available to anyone, however it has become especially important for small business owners, as it streamlines time-consuming administrative jobs, allowing them to focus more energy on activities that drive revenue and growth.

But, while the day-to-day productivity gains are noticeable instantly when using our software, perhaps equally as useful is the logged information captured in BuildPass’ backend.

For BuildPass users, this rich data from your builds can be accessed and used to improve project planning and delivery, as well as cost and risk forecasting for future builds – helping lift the bottom line of your construction work.

The importance of digitising construction planning and administration activities cannot be understated, as it creates massive benefits for every stakeholder with responsibilities on your worksite.

Through using BuildPass’ integrated online system, project planning and delivery is better informed as data and milestone information can be added, accessed and actioned immediately.

By leveraging our ‘Checklists’ feature data, project managers and on-site staff are afforded a better overview of how their build is progressing, giving them a ‘real-time’ evaluation of the development.

This can then be utilised for when to (or when not to) schedule things like specialist trades, briefings and inductions, material drop-offs and handover inspections.

Digital ‘Site Diary’ data is another powerful asset enabled through BuildPass that can enhance resource allocation and budgeting for your project pipeline.

Through our easy-to-use platform, full-time staff hours, hire as you require sub-contractors and even consultant hours can be analysed. Fundamentally, this provides an indicative map of where different resourcing is required at different stages of new builds.

Thanks to the versatility of BuildPass, our data can be easily shared across different construction technology systems like Procore, and we are actively investigating new ways to capture information to improve the user experience.

This includes focusing resourcing on defect data-capturing through voice dictation, as well as automated project summary development that uses AI to analyse photos and written datasets to create detailed site overviews.

There’s no denying the construction industry is undergoing a profound digital transformation, thanks to the integration of data-driven decision-making processes – BuildPass is proud to be at the forefront of this in Australia.

If you’d like to learn more about how BuildPass data can boost efficiencies, improve productivity and better inform project planning to increase revenue, please connect with us online at

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