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Product Update - Improved Procore Integration

This week, we are mixing things up with a Product Update rather than a Feature Drop Friday. We will back to regular programming soon, but in the meantime you can always find our last few Feature Drop Friday's online.

We have made some changes to our Procore integration which we are pretty excited about. The update we have just rolled out increases the number of modules that now sync to Procore as well as giving your team better visibility and control of the data that is being shared.

In addition to everything the old integration provided you can now:

  • Automatically send your inductions, SWMS, toolboxes and site diaries from BuildPass to Procore
  • Be notified when a new project or Subcontractor is added to BuildPass from Procore
  • Control what data will be sent from BuildPass to Procore.

To start making the most of these new features re-configure your Procore integration. When you reconnect you will be automatically moved over to our new integration.

We are only at the start of improving our integration infrastructure, so we if you have thoughts on what else we should be synching please let us know.

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