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Feature Drop Friday - SWMS Builder

This week, we are revisiting a fan favourite - our SWMS Builder.

We know that your business makes worker safety on-site a top priority. The BuildPass SWMS Builder makes sure your workers are well-informed about hazards on site and the measures in place to keep them safe. The best bit is that it is easy to use and available to your Subcontractors at no extra cost.

The BuildPass SWMS Builder allows Builders and Subcontractors to:

  • Draft SWMS using an intuitive, purpose-built authoring tool
  • Save time by dynamically populating project details
  • Leverage a repository of industry-standard templates
  • Fully customise your SWMS to match how your business works
  • Maintain a library of templates that you can re-use on future projects
  • Generate PDF copies of your SWMS which can be exported or submitted for approval

To see the SWMS Builder in action, take a look at the video above.

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