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Public Checklists and Register Items

Public checklists enable builders to share lists with anyone, not just those on the BuildPass platform. So whether it's a subcontractor, worker or some other external party, you now send and request your customised checklists.

Generate a link or QR and share as needed. You will have access to disable the public checklists at any time, preventing further submissions.

In addition to public checklists, we've also introduced the concept of public register items and the ability to link checklists to registers.

Public register items allow you to generate public pages for your plant and equipment, linking common checklists like plant inductions or maintenance reports and then sharing these publicly. Print off a QR code, and add it to your plan for a worker to quickly scan and fill in any checklist as needed.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • ✨ Added ability to link checklists to register items
  • ✨ Added the ability to search for subcontractors by ABN, prefilling data
  • ✨ Added the ability to see checklist responses by all projects
  • πŸ› Fixed issue with selecting to only see your checklists would not work
  • πŸ› Fixed issue surrounding re-scheduling of future checklists would not always work under certain conditions

Worker app updates:


  • πŸ› Fixed an issue where the app would ask for microphone/video permission.


  • ✨ Enable image cropping at selection time when uploading a new ticket;
  • ✨Allow images and PDFs to be displayed on pre-starts;

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