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Multi-day pre-starts

Multi-day pre-starts bring us two amazing features to superpower your project pre-starts.

You can set a pre-start message for a whole week rather than creating the same pre-start each day.

In addition, you can now set multiple pre-starts for the same day, with both messages shown to the worker when signing on for the day.

Fixes and Improvements

  • 🐛 Looked to improve the sign-on experience by reducing double sign-on from being recorded.
  • 🐛 Fixed registers generated code from creating a registered prefix longer than five characters.
  • ✨ Huge improvement to the loading states for web inductions providing feedback to the user.
  • ✨ Web inductions don't require you to reauthenticate your mobile number if a valid token is found from a previous sign-on.
  • ✨ Improved the visitor model used within web inductions for once-off workers attending a site. Now separate from a worker.

Worker app updates:


  • Add native multi-pre-start support - Backwards compatibility is already in place for app versions prior to 1.1.16
  • Filter out projects that are `ARCHIVED` or `COMPLETE`
  • Safeguard before accessing project (stability)
  • Use a new query to fetch sign-on for today - Fix issues with sign-on over the night, sometimes causing the worker to be already signed on the following day.


  • Add a button to allow workers to delete their account

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