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New COVID Construction Restrictions - Victoria Extended Lockdown [16th August 2021]

Tougher COVID restrictions have been announced in Melbourne, including a curfew and changes to construction workforce numbers.

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Matt Perrott
Co-Founder - BuildPass
Aug 16, 2021 - 00:02 AMMax 3min read
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Victoria has just announced an increase in restrictions for Melbourne, coming into effect, 11:59 PM tonight (16th of August 2021). These restrictions have a specific impact on construction sites:

  • Construction sites are allowed 25% max capacity or 5 people on site, whichever is higher.
  • All workers need an Authorised Worker Permit as of 11.59 pm Tuesday 17th August (details on where to get these are apparently being released soon)

Read the full statement from the Premier here.

"Authorised workers will be required to carry permits when working, and when travelling for work, from 11:59 pm on Tuesday, August 17. The permits need to be certified by an employer. Permits will be available on the coronavirus website before these directions come into effect."

Ways in which BuildPass can help

BuildPass has a few features that can help you through these increased restrictions.

Communications Module

BuildPass provides the ability to quickly send out information to workers, or particular subcontractors on site. You can use this to notify them of changes to restrictions or requirements of Authoriser Worker Permit.

Authorised Worker Permit ticket

Launching in a few days workers will be able to upload their Authorised Worker Permit to their ticket wallet in BuildPass. They can quickly pull the permit up and share it with the required parties.

In addition, you can configure all of your sites to require the Authorised Worker Permit uploaded from your workers when they induct to the site.

Sign-ons, track who is on-site

With new quotas limiting the number of workers on sites, it's critical to be able to track who is on-site and when. Using our sign-on history you can ensure you're not over your limit.

At BuildPass we are also very cognizant of the impact lockdowns have on mental health. We are looking at ways that we can check in with workers via the app and bring critical information on getting help to them in an accessible manner. Please also check out our recent blog post on mental health in the construction industry for some tips and resources.

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