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10 Aussie/Kiwi Construction Tech Businesses to Watch out For

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Andrew Titheridge
Jul 06, 2022 - 08:31 AMMax 11min read
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10 Aussie/Kiwi Construction Tech Businesses to Watch out For

While construction isn’t traditionally known as an industry committed to tech driven solutions, we’re seeing a significant tech-transition in the industry over the last few years. And we’re excited about it - excited because we believe the construction industry has been dealing with outdated software for far too long.

For us at BuildPass, we know you can’t avoid the admin that comes with running safe sites but we’re striving to help you digitise and streamline those processes. And we reckon we’re in good company.

BuildPass was born right here in Cremorne (Melbourne) and it’s exciting to be surrounded by other tech-driven companies, both in Australia and New Zealand, who are coming up with innovative solutions to some of the problems faced by our industry. So for your watch list: here’s ten Australian or New Zealand grown companies that are leading the charge towards a tech-driven construction industry.

Build exact estimates with Buildxact

Buildxact take the paper out of your paperwork, providing you with a software solution to get accurate estimates done quickly. Much like BuildPass, you’ve got all the information you need to do your job in one spot, and wherever you need it - whether that’s in the office or on the job site.

All of your data - from take offs and estimates, to accounting and invoicing - is collated through the Buildxact platform, simplifying your processes and giving you hours back in your week.

They’re aimed at small to medium sized builders and their customers love them, describing their platform as “very intuitive” - software that is made with the user in mind is exactly what we are about at BuildPass and we love the fact that Buildxact follows this same motto.

The easy to use Buildxact platform

Safety (and efficiency) first with Nextrack

Another platform that we love the sound of is Nextrack - they are all about reducing the systems currently necessary for site safety but, importantly, without cutting corners. Safety is our number one priority at BuildPass, second only to creating simple software solutions for onsite problems, so Nextrack’s ethos is very much aligned with our own.

Nextrack, built by contractors for contractors, describes themselves as an end-to-end construction hazard control and real-time monitoring platform. Their clever, feature heavy platform caters for builders, workers and hygienists, ultimately keeping everyone safe while reducing onsite paperwork.

The real time monitoring you can do with Nextrack.

Get what you need quickly with Getter

Getter is founded by construction workers who are well aware of the constraints that sourcing and procurement can put on a project, both economically and time-wise. So they set out to solve one of the greatest productivity killers construction workers face in their day-to-day; supply procurement.

Our favourite part about the Getter platform is that, like us, they’ve absolutely no time for clunky, unnecessarily complicated software - their website and app are convenience-focused and seamless.

Using their platform, you can both shop for the things you need and have them delivered, or you can choose the delivery only option. Either way, the platform is an innovative solution to a time consuming, construction industry problem.

The Getter team gettin’ it done with their utes.

Simplified tax solutions with Hnry

Most construction workers are self-employed or sole traders, and are well aware of the financial hurdles that come with managing your own business. Hnry’s mission is to free sole traders from the burden of mounds of paperwork, especially come tax time. They offer an accessible specialist accounting service that, among other things, automatically calculates your tax from your income via their easy to use platform.

At tax time, Hnry’s team of dedicated accountants lodge returns as they’re due. Throughout the rest of the year, the platform allows you to log your expenses - which are reviewed immediately for instant tax relief - and even send invoices. Hnry will also track due dates and follow up unpaid invoices for you.

Hnry Founder and Chief Executive, James Fuller.

Track your materials, and more, with Matrak

Born out of on-the-job experience, Matrak is another tech-driven, construction software solution we’re excited about. This supply chain management tool was built by two brothers who saw an opportunity to create a platform that gives the construction industry end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Yes Matrak tracks your materials, but they strive to be so much more; they want to connect every stakeholder on a project, bringing clarity and efficiency to your projects and ultimately, improve outcomes.

We love that they are ever innovating and, like BuildPass’ Feature Drop Fridays, the brothers at Matrak are constantly updating the platform for their users.

Easily track your materials, wherever you are with Matrak.

Go to only one app for communicating with your workmates, and make it GoTradie

With so many messaging platforms available to us for both our work and private lives, it’s a relief to have the ease of GoTradie - they are simplifying the way construction workers connect and communicate. Instead of managing multiple platforms, GoTradie helps you keep your work messages, videos, photos and documents all in the one place. The platform is available wherever you are - on your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Along with simplifying your communications, GoTradie are a community who are there to support you - whether you are looking for an apprentice or new employee or you’d just like some advice from like minded businesses the GoTradie platform is the place for you.

Chat with your work mates, on GoTradie and nowhere else.

TradeNow, pay later while building your business

TradeNow, Australia’s first trade finance platform was developed in 2018 by plumber, Matt Brennan. Another example of innovation born out of experience, Matt’s experience as a tradie meant he knew that things could be done better - and then he built the solution.

The TradeNow platform allows users to pay off purchases over time, interest free. TradeNow helps their customers get paid fast, grow their businesses and reduce paperwork.

Matt Brennan with his TradeNow platform.

Pro level procurement with ProcurePro

Another platform that not only removes the need for pens and paper, but also means that you no longer have to rely on multiple platforms to get work done, ProcurePro is a game changer for the procurement process.

The platform gives you visibility across all of your projects, provides a centralised scope of work library, allows you to compare and approve subbies and then create contracts to be signed electronically - an impressive list!

But don’t just take it from us, this is another platform that is loved by its customers (and has customers from some of the biggest names in the construction industry), who credit the platform with “getting them home before dark” and “making life a huge amount easier for project teams”.

The ProcurePro team (we approve of the uniform!)

EstimateOne is the number one platform for tenders

EstimateOne was created by a construction estimator and a tech wiz - initially over a few beers (we can relate), to today where it has cracked international market and has its own app. The simple, smart platform is the best tendering software on the planet and is designed to help out builders, suppliers and subbies alike.

They pride themselves on being an intuitive and easy to use product and have been through many iterations in their fourteen year history. Many of the changes they’ve made - including the launch of their Commercial Tender board feature - are as a result of direct feedback from customers - another thing we have in common!

EstimateOne’s simple, yet smart platform.

Sites done right, with BuildPass

We’re a Melbourne-born, tech-driven company that's obsessed with building user-friendly software for the construction industry. The BuildPass platform digitises traditionally paper-based onsite processes; from SWMS to inductions to document management, with new features being added weekly - check out our Feature Drop Friday!

We think that the industry has dealt with outdated tech for far too long and as we build the platform the industry deserves, we are focused on the user experience; we are constantly implementing the feedback we get from customers - feedback that’s often delivered over a brekky sanga at one of our on-site barbecues.

BuildPass team by the ute after a successful BuildPass BBQ.

As they deliver innovative solutions to the most common construction industry issues - from finances to safety to procurement and everything in between - these Aussie and New Zealand companies inspire us to continue to work towards digitising the construction industry. We’re stoked to be in such good company.

An overview of BuildPass from one of our co-founders, Matt.

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