Building the Future: Jardon Group's Success with BuildPass

Streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency through digital innovation

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Jardon Group
NameJardon Group
LocationCollingwood, Victoria
IndustryCommercial Construction
aboutJardon Group, a leading construction company in Australia, is renowned for its commitment to delivery excellence on critical construction projects. By prioritising stakeholder engagement and developing comprehensive solutions, Jardon Group has set a new standard in the industry. To enhance their operational efficiency and streamline project management, Jardon Group partnered with BuildPass 12 months ago.

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the challenge
Before implementing BuildPass, Jardon Group faced several challenges common in the construction industry
Manual ProcessesThe company relied on paper-based methods for managing on-site activities, leading to inefficiencies and increased risk of errors.
Remote Site ManagementSupervising multiple sites remotely was difficult and time-consuming, often requiring numerous phone calls to track project progress.
Paperwork OverloadHandling and organising paperwork was cumbersome, especially with the need to document compliance and safety procedures.
the solution
Since integrating BuildPass into their operations, Jardon Group has experienced significant improvements across various aspects of their project management. Here’s how they have utilised BuildPass’s features
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Document ManagementBy digitising documents and allowing photos to be uploaded directly into the system, BuildPass has simplified the organisation and retrieval of important documents, reducing the administrative burden on site managers.
ChecklistsThe checklist feature has been particularly beneficial for Jardon Group. They can easily monitor which tasks have been completed, ensuring compliance and safety standards are met without the need for physical paperwork.
Site DiariesDaily site activities are now logged digitally, providing a clear and accessible record of project progress. This feature has facilitated better communication and coordination among team members.
Custom Dashboards and WorkflowsThese tools have provided Jardon Group with the flexibility to tailor the platform to their specific needs, ensuring they can manage their projects effectively and efficiently.
Support and AdaptabilityJardon Group has praised BuildPass for its exceptional customer support and adaptability. When they needed custom features or encountered issues, the BuildPass team responded promptly, often resolving queries within an hour.
the results
The implementation of BuildPass has yielded numerous benefits for Jardon Group.
Improved Site ManagementRemote site management has become more straightforward, with real-time access to site data and progress reports.
Enhanced Compliance and SafetyThe digital documentation of safety procedures and compliance checks has ensured that all regulatory requirements are consistently met.
Reduced PaperworkThe shift to digital documentation has minimised the reliance on paper, reducing clutter and the risk of lost documents.
Streamlined OperationsOverall, BuildPass has made Jardon Group’s operations more streamlined, reducing headaches and improving workflow efficiency.

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