Transforming Construction Management with BuildPass

How a boutique commercial construction company streamlined operations and boosted efficiency with BuildPass.

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LocationSouth Australia
IndustryBoutique Commercial Construction
aboutFORA is a boutique commercial construction company based in South Australia, specialising in delivering projects across construction and fit-out sectors. Led by Managing Director Nick Du Bois, FORA prides itself on its efficient operations and ability to adapt to a diverse range of project requirements. From the inception of their company, FORA has leveraged BuildPass to streamline their processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure seamless project execution.

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the challenge
Before integrating BuildPass, FORA faced several challenges common in the construction industry.
Inefficient OnboardingTraditional paper-based onboarding processes were time-consuming and error-prone, leading to delays in getting subcontractors and workers on-site.
Documentation ManagementManaging and tracking various documents, such as SWMS and insurance forms, was cumbersome and often resulted in data silos.
Real-time InformationThe lack of real-time data hindered the ability to make quick, informed decisions on-site, impacting overall project efficiency.
the solution
FORA adopted BuildPass to address these challenges, benefiting from its comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance construction management processes.
Document ManagementFORA utilises BuildPass's document management feature to maintain and track critical documents such as SWMS and insurance forms. This ensures all documents are easily accessible and up-to-date.
Toolboxes and SMS CommunicationRegular toolbox talks and SMS communications ensure all team members are informed and up-to-date with the latest site information and safety protocols.
Pre-starts and Site DiariesDaily pre-start meetings and site diaries are managed through BuildPass, enhancing coordination and record-keeping.
Defects and ActionsThrough the actions feature, tasks were assigned to specific team members, creating clear accountability and enabling efficient resolution. This real-time tracking and assignment system minimised delays, enhanced communication, and ensured that no defect went unresolved. As a result, FORA maintained high standards of quality and safety across all their projects, boosting overall client satisfaction and operational efficiency.
Permits and EmergencyManaging permits and emergency protocols through BuildPass ensures compliance and readiness for any unforeseen incidents.
the results
By integrating BuildPass, FORA has achieved remarkable improvements in their operational efficiency
Time SavingsThe onboarding process is now significantly faster, allowing subcontractors and workers to get on-site and start work sooner.
Real-time DataAccess to real-time information has enabled better decision-making and immediate response to site issues.
Enhanced ComplianceWith all documents and processes managed through a centralized platform, FORA has ensured higher compliance with safety and regulatory requirements.

If there's any builders out there looking to streamline their processes, get off paper-based technology, and really get into cloud-based programs, then I'd certainly recommend giving BuildPass a call.

Nick Du BoisManaging Director, FORA

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