Growing BuildPass into Australia’s Preferred Site Operations Platform

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Matt Perrott
Co-Founder - BuildPass
Jun 25, 2024 - 06:00 AMMax 5min read
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Since Aaron and I launched BuildPass a few short years ago, we’ve gone onto help over 80,000 Australian construction workers enhance their site safety, compliance and operational procedures.

Now, we have over 300 customers that have implemented our intuitive technology to boost efficiencies across their business.

As our team and capabilities continue to grow, we’re set on becoming the preferred site operations platform for builders in Australia. Here’s a run-down of how we’re setting out to achieve this.

Fixed-cost over revenue-based pricing

As operational and material costs continue to put financial pressures on construction businesses, we’ve remained cognisant of this and considered these challenging market conditions when structuring our pricing model.

Unlike some of our peers in the marketplace, we don’t use a revenue-based pricing model for customers using our tools. Frankly, we don’t think it’s fair to charge businesses on the amount of work they can take on.

People who live and breathe construction know it’s an ever-changing industry, with the volume of projects coming to market (and potential income) varying from year-to-year.

Many of our customers have chosen our powerful platform because we offer a mix of fixed-cost packages to suit different needs. Whether you are a sole trader or a Construction Director at a national builder, we have a solution for you that doesn’t penalise you for the amount of work you deliver each year.

Building software with ambition

Our drive to boost productivity for construction professionals and to make their jobs easier is what helped us create our powerful suite of foundational features.

Among these efficiency-boosting digital tools include our SWMS Builder, Site Diary and Checklists features, site Sign-Ons and real time Communications, which is underpinned by filterable SMS and email blast functionality to different stakeholders.

In this increasingly technology-led age, we’re harnessing the transformative power of artificial intelligence to elevate our legacy feature set and create even more time-savings for our users.

In April this year, we took our first AI-driven tools to market, which is one of the milestones I’m most proud of since launching BuildPass. These powerful new integrations include our:

Following the feedback we’ve received since releasing these three new AI features – which are available to all BuildPass Admin users – we can say with confidence that everyone from your on-site staff and contractors, through to your team in the office, will be getting important safety, compliance and administration tasks done faster than ever before.

Innovation through collaboration, empowerment and upskilling

Developing AI-driven products that will fundamentally change the way construction organisations operate and how projects are delivered is the future of BuildPass.

For our business and many of our awesome customers, it’s the tip of the iceberg for what digital tools can do to support a safer and more productive building industry for the 1.25 million people it employs nationally.

That’s why we place great emphasis on knowledge-sharing and upskilling our users, making information about the different capabilities of BuildPass easily accessible through our Knowledge Base. Through offering a resource like this, our users (no matter how technology-savvy they are) feel empowered to learn and embrace new tools that will elevate their business.

And if there’s anything else they need, our Australian-based team is readily available to help guide them through their respective digital transformation journeys.

We’re confident that as we continue to grow the product set further, we’ll become a preeminent AI-native construction software company and Australia’s preferred operations and building safety tool.

We’re always encouraging feedback from our customers and industry to help us better understand the areas busy builders need support with.

So, what products would you like to see BuildPass roll out next?

If you would like to put forward a suggestion or learn more about our existing feature line, reach out to us and let’s see what we can do!

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